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I recently photographed this little bundle of energy, along with his mum and dad, who must have tons of energy in order to to keep up with him!
It was a really fun session with lots of giggles and chasing, and some lovely sunshiney weather at a great local park.
I’m so pleased to be able to capture images of that wonderful family connection, especially for these guys, as one side of his extended family are all the way over the other side of the world. Luckily, they can have his smiley face up on their wall to keep them going in between skype catch-ups!



A sunny Sunday morning session.

There is a great place not far from me that has a nice variety of areas to photograph people in. One area involves jumping a fence and dodging the cow pats, but it’s so worth it for the golden grass on a sunny morning.

I’m so glad this family agreed to meet me so early on a chilly Sunday morning – I’m really pleased with the images we created…and I’m also pleased we didn’t get arrested for jumping the fence, or (accidentally!) setting off the alarm in the nearby building. The life of a photographer is filled with adventures!

Triptych template.jpgCooper-Fox09 .jpgcooperfox.jpgCooper-Fox38.jpgCooper-Fox14.jpgtemplate 01.jpgCooper-Fox18.jpgCooper-Fox11.jpgCooper-Fox30.jpgCooper-Fox35.jpgCooper-Fox32.jpg



A sunshiney barefoot beach wedding

Here are a few of my favourite images from the wedding of Logan, a dear friend of 20-odd years, and Miriam, the love of his life. Perfectly matched, they started their day with a sunrise surf session & ceremony and were wed under a big blue sky on a beautiful beach on Stradbroke Island, surrounded by the immense love of their dear family and friends.

Hurford 030.JPGHurford 100.JPGHurford 102.JPGHurford 115.JPGHurford 137.JPGHurford 143.JPGHurford 187.jpgHurford 196.jpgHurford 313.jpgHurford 307.jpgHurford 319.jpgHurford 364.jpgHurford 372.jpgHurford 376.jpgHurford 381.jpgHurford 387.jpgUntitled-1.jpgHurford 430.JPG

A beachy maternity shoot.

I had to share some images from a maternity shoot I did on a Gold Coast beach recently.
The weather was not looking promising as we drove down to the beach, with what looked like a storm building on the horizon, threatening to block out the sun. I really wanted sunshine and warmth for what I had in mind, so I was checking the weather predictions for the whole drive down. Thankfully, we persisted with the shoot, the clouds went away, and the sun stayed shiney and warm!

Arieke & Justin are such a gorgeous couple, who feel so lucky to be together at this amazing time, after waiting so long for an Australian visa for Arieke (she’s Dutch). She was stuck in Holland for months, relying on Skype to keep Justin updated on her growing belly, until finally her Australian visa was approved.
They are so happy to be together again now, and to be so close to welcoming their new little bub into the world, right here in Australia.
xx Shannon xx