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Baby June, at 11 days.

Baby June is the lucky bub who joined this little family late last year. She was so alert and aware for half the session, then fast asleep in her Mama’s arms for the second half. Just lovely!

Campbell_June 005.jpgCampbell_June 013.jpgCampbell_June 061a.jpgCampbell_June 086.jpgCampbell_June 097.jpg

I love chubby bubs!

And this little boy was no exception! He had a couple of micro-naps in between the photos which helped him to stay happy and smiling.
His beautiful big sister didn’t mind getting her photo taken either I must say…I love the shot of her laughing with her dad (I think he was tickling her), as well as the more serious one on her own.
Once again, I took my studio to their home, and I set it up in their lounge room. It worked so well doing it this way, with the micro-naps that bub required!
xx Shannon xx

3 weeks old and so relaxed!

I was lucky enough to photograph a very new family on the weekend – they welcomed their newest addition only 3 weeks ago! I took my portable studio kit to their home, and set up in their loungeroom. Little Oscar did so very well in his very first photo-shoot. He was so relaxed and calm – mum says he definitely takes after dad.
Oscar took it all in his stride and allowed me to get some lovely images of them all, as well as a couple of extra special ones in there for grandpa (who, as you’ll see, loves AFL!).
Thanks Kay & Mathias for letting me capture such a wonderful time in your lives. And thanks Oscar for making my job so easy!
Enjoy the slideshow!
xx Shannon xx
(ps – there is a great song to listen to while you watch the slideshow)

The lovely Talitha.

Remember Talitha? I posted a sneak peek on my facebook page months ago & I finally have the chance to share some images with you.

She hangs from these ‘silks’ (long, long strips of fabric), way up high in a gorgeous costume, using her strength and agility to create beautiful shapes, and wrapping & un-wrapping herself in breathtaking ways. What an amazing talent!I was so lucky to have her to photograph, and also very lucky to be able to use a fantastic performance space in West End called The Ice-Cream Factory. They run a bunch of different classes for circus performance and put on fabulous shows – check them out!

Thanks so much Talitha for working so hard to create these images, on what I think was maybe the hottest day of summer! :)

Maternity love.

I love maternity shoots. There is so much excitement and anticipation for what’s just around the corner, and everybody is beaming.
I photographed this family in their home, using my studio lighting last Saturday morning. They are in the midst of some major renovations, but they have a gorgeous, light & bright room ready and waiting for their new arrival.
Their little family is going to be one person bigger very shortly, so we took some photos of everyone together, and some of just the soon-to-be parents. Rani looks fantastic, with that glow of happines around her, so we took some lovely shots of her belly as a special reminder of this time in their lives. I won’t be uploading those images, but suffice to say that she looks amazing!
If the stars align, I will be taking some newborn photos of their new baby in the next little while.
I’m excited already!

A slideshow of a lovely family…

I photographed this family at their house a couple of weeks ago using my studio lights.
Both of these kids played up to the camera, thanks to mum & dad having photographed them alot! It certainly made my job very easy indeed!
Aren’t they absolutely adorable? How cute is her dimply bottom?!
(ps – apologies for the low-quality in full-screen mode…and turn up the sound to listen to the song)