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Meet Pushka

She is our little cat. She can’t tell us about the first 6 months or so of her life, but she decided to allow us to feed & care for her when she turned up on our doorstep looking hungry about 6 years ago.

She enjoys dining on tuna & slow lizards.

Her sleeping arrangements commonly include the paper bin, my shoe rack, or any small space she can squeeze herself into.

One of her favourite pastimes is teasing Doug, the neighbours dog, by rolling around on the grass and meowing at him through the fence.

Her dislikes include other cats, car rides and the vet. She has some quirky habits including being obsessed with sitting on paper. Any paper. And licking humans. And sometimes she watches documentaries about animals with us.

Her favourite visitors are always those who are allergic to cats.

Every afternoon she sits on our driveway waiting for us to get home, and then meows loudly while rolling in the dirt so we can scratch her belly.

My husband Jeremy thinks she’d be perfect if she could just be a dog. :)