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Maternity photography session.

I spend a fair bit of time with this lovely mum and her little boy Angus. Her son, and my son Jasper, play together most afternoons. They share blueberries, sometimes share toys, and Jasper recently shared a gastro bug with Angus.
Then Angus shared it with his dad.
On the very day Angus’s little sister came into the world.
Yes, really.
(So, so sorry again guys. I’m sure Angus will share some germs with Jasper soon, but I can’t imagine it would be more inconvenient than what went down last week!)

Thankfully, little June arrived safe and sound, and her mum (and dad) made it through the day.
She’s now settling into her new little family, getting some loving cuddles from an adoring big brother.

Shannon xx

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A beachy maternity shoot.

I had to share some images from a maternity shoot I did on a Gold Coast beach recently.
The weather was not looking promising as we drove down to the beach, with what looked like a storm building on the horizon, threatening to block out the sun. I really wanted sunshine and warmth for what I had in mind, so I was checking the weather predictions for the whole drive down. Thankfully, we persisted with the shoot, the clouds went away, and the sun stayed shiney and warm!

Arieke & Justin are such a gorgeous couple, who feel so lucky to be together at this amazing time, after waiting so long for an Australian visa for Arieke (she’s Dutch). She was stuck in Holland for months, relying on Skype to keep Justin updated on her growing belly, until finally her Australian visa was approved.
They are so happy to be together again now, and to be so close to welcoming their new little bub into the world, right here in Australia.
xx Shannon xx

Maternity love.

I love maternity shoots. There is so much excitement and anticipation for what’s just around the corner, and everybody is beaming.
I photographed this family in their home, using my studio lighting last Saturday morning. They are in the midst of some major renovations, but they have a gorgeous, light & bright room ready and waiting for their new arrival.
Their little family is going to be one person bigger very shortly, so we took some photos of everyone together, and some of just the soon-to-be parents. Rani looks fantastic, with that glow of happines around her, so we took some lovely shots of her belly as a special reminder of this time in their lives. I won’t be uploading those images, but suffice to say that she looks amazing!
If the stars align, I will be taking some newborn photos of their new baby in the next little while.
I’m excited already!