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3 gorgeous boys and a dog called Charlie.

A recent family session that I really enjoyed. The boys were awesome and Charlie the dog was pretty great too!


3 times the fun!

…and three times the energy!

I’ve photographed this family three times now, and they are so much fun. These kids have lots of energy. Like, lots and lots. It’s always a great session with plenty of giggles and tickles, and crazy faces from Dad to get them laughing (thanks Dad!). I think you can tell from the photos just what a happy family they are.

We had the session in their beautiful, light-filled home, which is great to get everyone relaxed and comfortable, but also adds meaning to the photos since a home is filled with so many special memories of growing up.

Shannon xx

Untitled-2.jpgGossen 010 (Large).jpgGossen 063 (Large).jpgGossen 070 (Large).jpgGossen 080 (Large).jpgGossen 150 (Large).jpgGossen 095 (Large).jpgGossen 105 (Large).jpgGossen 137 (Large).jpgGossen 112 (Large).jpgGossen 128 (Large).jpgUntitled-1.jpg

A sunny Sunday morning session.

There is a great place not far from me that has a nice variety of areas to photograph people in. One area involves jumping a fence and dodging the cow pats, but it’s so worth it for the golden grass on a sunny morning.

I’m so glad this family agreed to meet me so early on a chilly Sunday morning – I’m really pleased with the images we created…and I’m also pleased we didn’t get arrested for jumping the fence, or (accidentally!) setting off the alarm in the nearby building. The life of a photographer is filled with adventures!

Triptych template.jpgCooper-Fox09 .jpgcooperfox.jpgCooper-Fox38.jpgCooper-Fox14.jpgtemplate 01.jpgCooper-Fox18.jpgCooper-Fox11.jpgCooper-Fox30.jpgCooper-Fox35.jpgCooper-Fox32.jpg



A gorgeous baby girl.

Savannah was such a sweetheart. So happy and cheeky and cuddly all at the same time.

We had a lovely afternoon at the park with her mum & dad – a celebration of a very special first Mother’s day for Alicia, and a beautiful record of a loving family unit.

I really am very lucky to be a part of such special times in people’s lives.

De Silva49a.jpgDe Silva33.jpgDe Silva15a.jpgDe Silva20.jpgDe Silva12.jpgDe Silva25a.jpgDe Silva57.jpgDe Silva40.jpgDe Silva27.jpgDe Silva35.jpg

A mum, a sweet baby girl & her adoring grandparents.

I was lucky enough to photograph this gorgeous family a little while back.

Little Nyree is surrounded by so much love & has access to unlimited cuddles & kisses from these adoring grandparents.

What started off as an opportunity to get a lovely momento of a very special first Mother’s day for Nyree’s mum, ended up being a beautiful record of the adoring family who love her so dearly.

Graham 68s.jpgGraham 63.jpgGraham 02.jpgGraham 14a.jpgGraham 42.jpgGraham 26a.jpgGraham 31.jpgGraham 43.jpgGraham 55.jpgGraham 78.jpg


A fun and colourful family session

Meet Darcy. Cheeky, energetic and oh so sweet. I loved the energy of this session – he loves being upside down and swung around. Such a fun family to photograph!

Ferguson 006.jpgFerguson 021.jpgFerguson 015.jpgFerguson 057.jpgFerguson 026.jpgFerguson 028.jpgFerguson 049.jpgFerguson 074.jpgFerguson 098.jpg




I spent a recent Sunday afternoon photographing two gorgeous little models for a handmade kids clothing label called Bloombub.
It was a lovely afternoon at the park, with the girls modelling a range of very cute outfits.
The only dramas we had to deal with from these models were prickle-covered tootsies.
You can check out Bloombub’s facebook page here, or their website:
xx Shannon xx

An afternoon at the park with the grandparents.

I photographed this family for the first time almost two years ago, and recently, they asked me to photograph their kids again, but for this shoot they wanted their boys to be photographed with their grandparents.
I thought this was a great idea as these kids have a great relationship with their grandparents, and it’s such a nice idea to have a photographic record of the special love & hugs only grandparents can provide!
xx Shannon xx

I just had to include the one below – big brother showing off his jumping skills to his very impressed little brother!

I love chubby bubs!

And this little boy was no exception! He had a couple of micro-naps in between the photos which helped him to stay happy and smiling.
His beautiful big sister didn’t mind getting her photo taken either I must say…I love the shot of her laughing with her dad (I think he was tickling her), as well as the more serious one on her own.
Once again, I took my studio to their home, and I set it up in their lounge room. It worked so well doing it this way, with the micro-naps that bub required!
xx Shannon xx

Mum, dad, two brothers & an almost sister.

I love this family.
They are dear friends of mine, and I am so happy to have been able to have taken these photos for them. I’ve known & photographed Oskar since he was a chubby toddler, and Zigi since he was a brand new baby. I can’t wait to photograph their soon-to-be little sister when she comes into the world. I’m not sure she knows just how much love is waiting for her from this family.
She’s very lucky.
We started at their new house, and then moved to a vacant block of land nearby. It was such a gorgeous sunshiney afternoon!
Now, I don’t know if it was because of how cute the boys are, and how much fun they were having together, or if it was because of how warm and sunny the photos feel, or if it’s just that I know them so well, but I found it really hard to pick just a few of my favourites….so I’ve gone a little bit overboard this time…hope you enjoy!