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These are a few of my favourite blogs!

So, I recently posted about RSS feeds, and I thought I’d share some of the blogs that I follow…Warning – some of these are excellent time-wasters!
(click on the name to go straight to the blog).

[stunning images and really well written]

[excellent 'moment-in-time' images from photographers around the world]

[amazingly well branded, and she shares so much about what she does and how & why she does it]

[portraits, weddings, lifestyle - it's all beautiful work]

[great for learning about photography, lots of interesting articles]

[lots of great ideas for DIY & renovations]

[like the other offbeat sites (offbeat mama & offbeat bride) an interesting and sometimes strange range of offbeatedness!]

[I really like buying the magazine - has some good ideas to steal for our renovations]

(one of my favourite subjects!)

[Yum. Yum. Yum.]

[A good variety of different yummy recipes.]

[More yummy recipes]

[Fun & dreamy imagery from different contributors]

[Lots of different & interesting photo answers to the same question]

[A cool art concept - artworks randomly hidden around her city]

[Exactly what it says. Mostly funny, some just plain bad!]

[Just curious notes from random people]

Well, that should keep you busy for a while!
Please make sure you leave a comment if there is a blog you follow that I should add to my list!

xx Shannon xx


It’s been almost 2 weeks since I went to the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers ‘Hair of the dog’ conference, and since then my brain has been buzzing with so many things to process.

I listened to some really inspirational speakers, who shared so much about themselves and their photography businesses, and who have helped to motivate and inspire me to nurture and expand my ideas.
It’s amazing when successful and interesting people like Jasmine Star, Sue Bryce & Todd Hunter McGaw [btw, love, love, love his website!] can share so openly about the difficulties they faced, the mistakes they made and the problems they overcame, as well as the things that worked for them, and the excitement and enthusiasm they have to continue to create such beautiful work.
I can’t be sure, but I doubt that there are many industries where information is so freely shared, and questions are so honestly answered in a room full of 300 or so peers and potential competitors. It’s obvious that these speakers aren’t afraid that their audience will steal their ideas and their clients, but instead, they want their peers to excel and become successful, and ultimately, help to make the photography industry more professional and valued.
This industry is changing so rapidly, and with the advent of decent digital cameras becoming so easily obtainable, it’s reassuring for me to be reminded that my skill as a photographer isn’t just in pressing a button, because really, anyone with a finger can do that.
It’s in me ‘seeing’ things differently to the next person.
It’s me knowing my equipment and how to get the best out of it.
It’s about every photo I’ve taken contributing to the one I’m taking now.
It’s about bringing my personality to a shoot, and putting part of myself into every image I create.
It’s about the experience I can create when I’m photographing a precious family.
And it’s giving my clients a beautiful record of this moment in their lives…something that they will be able to enjoy for literally years; something that will help people to evoke those warm sunny memories of their childhood that are so easily forgotten when you’re all grown up!
How special is that?!
I love this work.