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Phare, 11 days old.

Meet little Phare and her lovely parents. I really enjoyed this session, which took place in their home. I’ve shared some of my favourite images, some of which have more of a ‘lifestyle’ feel to them than my usual work – capturing the daily goings-on of life at home with a baby.

Michel 005.jpgMichel 009.jpgMichel 026.jpgMichel 021.jpgMichel 029.jpgMichel 031.jpgMichel033.jpgMichel057.jpgMichel080.jpgMichel087.jpg

Archer, just 10 days new.

I was so sad I didn’t get in quick enough to photograph this gorgeous Mama before she had Archie, but on the upside, it meant I got some sweet newborn cuddles sooner than expected!


3 times the fun!

…and three times the energy!

I’ve photographed this family three times now, and they are so much fun. These kids have lots of energy. Like, lots and lots. It’s always a great session with plenty of giggles and tickles, and crazy faces from Dad to get them laughing (thanks Dad!). I think you can tell from the photos just what a happy family they are.

We had the session in their beautiful, light-filled home, which is great to get everyone relaxed and comfortable, but also adds meaning to the photos since a home is filled with so many special memories of growing up.

Shannon xx

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