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A sunshiney barefoot beach wedding

Here are a few of my favourite images from the wedding of Logan, a dear friend of 20-odd years, and Miriam, the love of his life. Perfectly matched, they started their day with a sunrise surf session & ceremony and were wed under a big blue sky on a beautiful beach on Stradbroke Island, surrounded by the immense love of their dear family and friends.

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A beachy maternity shoot.

I had to share some images from a maternity shoot I did on a Gold Coast beach recently.
The weather was not looking promising as we drove down to the beach, with what looked like a storm building on the horizon, threatening to block out the sun. I really wanted sunshine and warmth for what I had in mind, so I was checking the weather predictions for the whole drive down. Thankfully, we persisted with the shoot, the clouds went away, and the sun stayed shiney and warm!

Arieke & Justin are such a gorgeous couple, who feel so lucky to be together at this amazing time, after waiting so long for an Australian visa for Arieke (she’s Dutch). She was stuck in Holland for months, relying on Skype to keep Justin updated on her growing belly, until finally her Australian visa was approved.
They are so happy to be together again now, and to be so close to welcoming their new little bub into the world, right here in Australia.
xx Shannon xx

It’s been a while….

I’ve been completely off the radar for a little while….I didn’t mean to be, but what with shooting, editing, renovating, more editing, more shooting, spring cleaning, more renovating and general happenings that keep my life moving so quickly, I’ve had blogging on the back burner for a bit.
So, I’ll be back on track for the next little while, and sharing some of what I’ve been doing with you, as well as some completely unrelated posts to keep it interesting.
xx Shannon xx

(Just one little image to share with you right now – this was how I spent a rare weekend free recently – in Byron Bay celebrating my husband’s birthday. Bliss!)

Beachy boys.

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing each of these three energetic boys since they were born. I’ve been so lucky to watch them grow up, and capture them at different ages in their lives, and with each new addition to the family.
The shoot was almost cancelled as the weather looked terrible, but thankfully it cleared to a gorgeous day in enough time to capture these images at the beach.
Lindal & Mark, thanks for letting me photograph your gorgeous family again, and for letting me be a part of your family’s life. You really do have three very good looking sons – they are going to break some hearts one day!
xx Shannon xx

Something a little bit different with a vintage feel.

This little one could have spent hours jumping through the puddles.

Finally! A smile from Mr Serious! All it took was some splashy puddles! :)

Sharing’s Caring!

Photographers tip # 136
Look for the light!
When you’re choosing a location to take your photos, look for an area that is in bright, open shade. For example, the side of a building or on an open verandah. The light will be nice and even here, so your subject won’t be too squinty, and you will avoid patchy light & shade on their face. If there is no shadey area, you could try turning your subject so they have their back towards the sun – this way they will get some nice highlights in their hair, and there will be nice even light on their face. You’ll have to zoom right in on their face for this to work well, otherwise your automatic camera settings may make their face look too dark.

This gorgeous girl was photographed on a beach, with her back to the setting sun:

A weekend at Caloundra.

Recently, my husband, Jeremy, and I spent the weekend with some good friends; Mandie & Cam, and Cam’s kids Nick, Sam and Holly. We stayed at a little house in Caloundra, which has been owned by Cam’s great Aunt for a long time. The walls are all covered in original wallpaper, different in every room, and the kitchen contains some cool 50′s & 60′s appliances. There is even a ‘massage chair’ which was probably cutting edge in the 70′s. It is a classic Caloundra beach house.

Late in the afternoon we walked down to a teeny-tiny beach near the house to get some quick family snaps. These kids are gorgeous, and they were so easy to photograph.

After the photos, we went home for a huge Mexican feast cooked by Mandie & Cam, and then 7 year old Holly kicked my butt in Uno! Thanks for a great wekeend guys! And, Holly, next time we play Uno, I’m not sitting next to you. :)

There was some serious chess going on the next morning, since it was raining outside….
Although, it looks like two against one….