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Phare, 11 days old.

Meet little Phare and her lovely parents. I really enjoyed this session, which took place in their home. I’ve shared some of my favourite images, some of which have more of a ‘lifestyle’ feel to them than my usual work – capturing the daily goings-on of life at home with a baby.

Michel 005.jpgMichel 009.jpgMichel 026.jpgMichel 021.jpgMichel 029.jpgMichel 031.jpgMichel033.jpgMichel057.jpgMichel080.jpgMichel087.jpg

Baby June, at 11 days.

Baby June is the lucky bub who joined this little family late last year. She was so alert and aware for half the session, then fast asleep in her Mama’s arms for the second half. Just lovely!

Campbell_June 005.jpgCampbell_June 013.jpgCampbell_June 061a.jpgCampbell_June 086.jpgCampbell_June 097.jpg

Archer, just 10 days new.

I was so sad I didn’t get in quick enough to photograph this gorgeous Mama before she had Archie, but on the upside, it meant I got some sweet newborn cuddles sooner than expected!


A gorgeous baby girl.

Savannah was such a sweetheart. So happy and cheeky and cuddly all at the same time.

We had a lovely afternoon at the park with her mum & dad – a celebration of a very special first Mother’s day for Alicia, and a beautiful record of a loving family unit.

I really am very lucky to be a part of such special times in people’s lives.

De Silva49a.jpgDe Silva33.jpgDe Silva15a.jpgDe Silva20.jpgDe Silva12.jpgDe Silva25a.jpgDe Silva57.jpgDe Silva40.jpgDe Silva27.jpgDe Silva35.jpg

A fun and colourful family session

Meet Darcy. Cheeky, energetic and oh so sweet. I loved the energy of this session – he loves being upside down and swung around. Such a fun family to photograph!

Ferguson 006.jpgFerguson 021.jpgFerguson 015.jpgFerguson 057.jpgFerguson 026.jpgFerguson 028.jpgFerguson 049.jpgFerguson 074.jpgFerguson 098.jpg



What a gorgeous baby! (OK, I may be a little biased…)

This is my son Jasper. He’s just hit 6 months. In the last image is our cat Pushka -she’s much less interested in him than he is in her. And no, he’s not really standing up already – thankfully! – my husband propped him up and was standing just out of shot to catch him. He is quite clever though if I do say so myself. And cute. And smiley. And he has a very squishy tush. We’re quite in love with him. :)


I love chubby bubs!

And this little boy was no exception! He had a couple of micro-naps in between the photos which helped him to stay happy and smiling.
His beautiful big sister didn’t mind getting her photo taken either I must say…I love the shot of her laughing with her dad (I think he was tickling her), as well as the more serious one on her own.
Once again, I took my studio to their home, and I set it up in their lounge room. It worked so well doing it this way, with the micro-naps that bub required!
xx Shannon xx

3 weeks old and so relaxed!

I was lucky enough to photograph a very new family on the weekend – they welcomed their newest addition only 3 weeks ago! I took my portable studio kit to their home, and set up in their loungeroom. Little Oscar did so very well in his very first photo-shoot. He was so relaxed and calm – mum says he definitely takes after dad.
Oscar took it all in his stride and allowed me to get some lovely images of them all, as well as a couple of extra special ones in there for grandpa (who, as you’ll see, loves AFL!).
Thanks Kay & Mathias for letting me capture such a wonderful time in your lives. And thanks Oscar for making my job so easy!
Enjoy the slideshow!
xx Shannon xx
(ps – there is a great song to listen to while you watch the slideshow)

Meet little Callan…

He is such a little cutie and I think he may be quite stubborn when he’s older!
I photographed his mum, dad & step-brother when he was still in his mum’s belly, and went back to their home to photograph him when he was just 10 days old.
Now, I thought most babies this age slept more than they were awake, but this little tike refused to do as we asked, and stayed awake for close to 5 hours! He certainly didn’t want to miss out on any fun we were having!
Finally, he couldn’t fight it any longer and slept…like a baby. Which allowed us enough time to get some lovely shots of him dreaming about milk and cuddles.
Thanks Rani & Dane for inviting me to capture this brand new addition to your gorgeous family. Hope you’re enjoying all the cuddles and kisses and dreamy smiles!

Meet Fiona.

I’ve photographed literally hundereds of babies, but recently, I thought I’d try a different style of newborn photography. I practiced on little Fiona – she was just 10 days old. Her big sister Chloe jumped in front of the camera when we were waiting for Fiona to settle, and how could I resist taking some pics of her when she’s just so gorgeous?!

It took over 2 hours to get Fiona into a deep sleep, including running the vacuum for a bit of ‘white noise’, and then we had about 20 minutes to get some shots. She is such a gorgeous baby.

I have learnt some good lessons about the props I need to use to make it easier to position the baby, and have thought about how I can set up the shooting area a little better, and I have some ideas to work on the ‘posing’. I have a newfound respect for newborn photographers who produce such lovely work! I have another newborn shoot coming up soon (if the stars align correctly!) so hopefully you’ll see some improvement next time!

Until then, say hi to Fiona and her big sister Chloe. Thanks Paula & Tim for letting me practice on your brand new daughter!