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A beautiful sunny Brisbane wedding

This was a day filled with so much sunshine, love, smiles and laughter.

Trish & Matt are a lovely couple who have some of the loveliest friends & family you could ever hope to meet. You could tell from the guest’s beaming smiles during the ceremony, and the heartfelt speeches at the reception, just how loved they are, and how pleased their loved ones were that they had found each other, and fallen in love.

We had such a relaxing day taking the bridal party photos around the beautiful grounds of the University of Queensland, and then drove the short distance to Hillstone, St Lucia for the reception. I love Trish’s dress by the way – the length, the design…just gorgeous!

Have a look through the slideshow of images below…

Shannon xx

Jesson 002 (Large).JPGJessonBW 005 (Large).JPGJessonBW 028 (Large).JPGJessonBW 033 (Large).JPGJesson 019 (Large).JPGJesson 023 (Large).JPGJessonBW 064 (Large).JPGJesson 074 (Large).jpgJesson 079 (Large).jpgJesson 084 (Large).jpgJesson 088 (Large).jpgJesson 091 (Large).jpgJessonBW 106 (Large).jpgJessonBW 108 (Large).jpgJessonBW 128 (Large).jpgJessonBW 131 (Large).jpgJesson 150 (Large).jpgJesson 267 (Large).jpgJesson 273 (Large).jpgJesson 288 (Large).jpgJesson 291 (Large).jpgJesson 298 (Large).jpgJesson 303 (Large).jpgJesson 306 (Large).jpgJesson 313 (Large).jpgJesson 314 (Large).jpgJesson 317 (Large).jpgJesson 321 (Large).jpgJesson 324 (Large).jpgJesson 335 (Large).jpgJesson 337 (Large).jpgJesson 339 (Large).jpgJesson 341 (Large).jpgJesson 345 (Large).jpgJesson 351 (Large).jpgJesson 355 (Large).jpgJesson 357 (Large).jpgJesson 362 (Large).jpgJesson 373 (Large).jpgJesson 375 (Large).jpgJesson 387 (Large).jpgJessonBW 491 (Large).jpgJessonBW 492 (Large).jpgJessonBW 501 (Large).jpgJessonBW 514 (Large).jpgJessonBW 525 (Large).jpgJessonBW 544 (Large).jpg

A Byron Bay Wedding – Conan & Natalie

This wedding was held underneath a beautiful old fig tree, at the aptly name ‘Fig Tree Restaurant‘ in the hills overlooking Byron Bay. Natalie was walked down the grassy green aisle by her two handsome sons, which was followed by a lovely ceremony, personalised with Conan & Natalie’s own (quite amusing!) vows.

In typical Byron Bay style, we had blue skies interspersed with heavy downpours of  rain. They couldn’t have timed it better though – the rain cleared as guests arrived, until just after the ceremony when the entire wedding made a dash for the restaurant…and then after some mingling & congratulations, I headed outside with the wedding party for some photos just before the sun set. Natalie braved the wet ground with her gorgeous dress (thanks Natalie!) and we ducked back inside just as it started raining again! The food was fabulous, the speeches were funny & heart-felt, and then everyone danced the night away to some great music.

Natalie & Conan, thankyou for inviting me to be a part of your wedding day and allowing me to capture such special memories for you.

Storyboard 1.jpgHansen 016.JPGHansen 081.JPGTriptych.jpgHansen 101.jpgHansen 128.jpgHansen 166.jpgHansen 167.jpgHansen 208.jpgHansen 322aa.jpgHansen 291.jpgHansen 292a.jpgHansen 302.jpgHansen 309a.jpgHansen 331a.jpgHansen 333.jpgHansen 343a.jpgHansen 345a.jpg


A sunshiney barefoot beach wedding

Here are a few of my favourite images from the wedding of Logan, a dear friend of 20-odd years, and Miriam, the love of his life. Perfectly matched, they started their day with a sunrise surf session & ceremony and were wed under a big blue sky on a beautiful beach on Stradbroke Island, surrounded by the immense love of their dear family and friends.

Hurford 030.JPGHurford 100.JPGHurford 102.JPGHurford 115.JPGHurford 137.JPGHurford 143.JPGHurford 187.jpgHurford 196.jpgHurford 313.jpgHurford 307.jpgHurford 319.jpgHurford 364.jpgHurford 372.jpgHurford 376.jpgHurford 381.jpgHurford 387.jpgUntitled-1.jpgHurford 430.JPG

Aahhh, a wedding…

I recently went to the wedding of my soon-to-be-cousin-in-laws at Lake Bennett – just South of Humpty Doo in the NT- and was the unofficial photographer. I couldn’t resist putting a couple of pictures up of the gorgeous couple…