A sunny Sunday morning session.

There is a great place not far from me that has a nice variety of areas to photograph people in. One area involves jumping a fence and dodging the cow pats, but it’s so worth it for the golden grass on a sunny morning.

I’m so glad this family agreed to meet me so early on a chilly Sunday morning – I’m really pleased with the images we created…and I’m also pleased we didn’t get arrested for jumping the fence, or (accidentally!) setting off the alarm in the nearby building. The life of a photographer is filled with adventures!

Triptych template.jpgCooper-Fox09 .jpgcooperfox.jpgCooper-Fox38.jpgCooper-Fox14.jpgtemplate 01.jpgCooper-Fox18.jpgCooper-Fox11.jpgCooper-Fox30.jpgCooper-Fox35.jpgCooper-Fox32.jpg



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A Byron Bay Wedding – Conan & Natalie

This wedding was held underneath a beautiful old fig tree, at the aptly name ‘Fig Tree Restaurant‘ in the hills overlooking Byron Bay. Natalie was walked down the grassy green aisle by her two handsome sons, which was followed by a lovely ceremony, personalised with Conan & Natalie’s own (quite amusing!) vows.

In typical Byron Bay style, we had blue skies interspersed with heavy downpours of  rain. They couldn’t have timed it better though – the rain cleared as guests arrived, until just after the ceremony when the entire wedding made a dash for the restaurant…and then after some mingling & congratulations, I headed outside with the wedding party for some photos just before the sun set. Natalie braved the wet ground with her gorgeous dress (thanks Natalie!) and we ducked back inside just as it started raining again! The food was fabulous, the speeches were funny & heart-felt, and then everyone danced the night away to some great music.

Natalie & Conan, thankyou for inviting me to be a part of your wedding day and allowing me to capture such special memories for you.

Storyboard 1.jpgHansen 016.JPGHansen 081.JPGTriptych.jpgHansen 101.jpgHansen 128.jpgHansen 166.jpgHansen 167.jpgHansen 208.jpgHansen 322aa.jpgHansen 291.jpgHansen 292a.jpgHansen 302.jpgHansen 309a.jpgHansen 331a.jpgHansen 333.jpgHansen 343a.jpgHansen 345a.jpg


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A gorgeous baby girl.

Savannah was such a sweetheart. So happy and cheeky and cuddly all at the same time.

We had a lovely afternoon at the park with her mum & dad – a celebration of a very special first Mother’s day for Alicia, and a beautiful record of a loving family unit.

I really am very lucky to be a part of such special times in people’s lives.

De Silva49a.jpgDe Silva33.jpgDe Silva15a.jpgDe Silva20.jpgDe Silva12.jpgDe Silva25a.jpgDe Silva57.jpgDe Silva40.jpgDe Silva27.jpgDe Silva35.jpg

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A mum, a sweet baby girl & her adoring grandparents.

I was lucky enough to photograph this gorgeous family a little while back.

Little Nyree is surrounded by so much love & has access to unlimited cuddles & kisses from these adoring grandparents.

What started off as an opportunity to get a lovely momento of a very special first Mother’s day for Nyree’s mum, ended up being a beautiful record of the adoring family who love her so dearly.

Graham 68s.jpgGraham 63.jpgGraham 02.jpgGraham 14a.jpgGraham 42.jpgGraham 26a.jpgGraham 31.jpgGraham 43.jpgGraham 55.jpgGraham 78.jpg


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A fun and colourful family session

Meet Darcy. Cheeky, energetic and oh so sweet. I loved the energy of this session – he loves being upside down and swung around. Such a fun family to photograph!

Ferguson 006.jpgFerguson 021.jpgFerguson 015.jpgFerguson 057.jpgFerguson 026.jpgFerguson 028.jpgFerguson 049.jpgFerguson 074.jpgFerguson 098.jpg



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A sunshiney barefoot beach wedding

Here are a few of my favourite images from the wedding of Logan, a dear friend of 20-odd years, and Miriam, the love of his life. Perfectly matched, they started their day with a sunrise surf session & ceremony and were wed under a big blue sky on a beautiful beach on Stradbroke Island, surrounded by the immense love of their dear family and friends.

Hurford 030.JPGHurford 100.JPGHurford 102.JPGHurford 115.JPGHurford 137.JPGHurford 143.JPGHurford 187.jpgHurford 196.jpgHurford 313.jpgHurford 307.jpgHurford 319.jpgHurford 364.jpgHurford 372.jpgHurford 376.jpgHurford 381.jpgHurford 387.jpgUntitled-1.jpgHurford 430.JPG

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What a gorgeous baby! (OK, I may be a little biased…)

This is my son Jasper. He’s just hit 6 months. In the last image is our cat Pushka -she’s much less interested in him than he is in her. And no, he’s not really standing up already – thankfully! – my husband propped him up and was standing just out of shot to catch him. He is quite clever though if I do say so myself. And cute. And smiley. And he has a very squishy tush. We’re quite in love with him. :)


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A Hobart wedding filled with love, hand-crafted goodness and so much laughter (and why I love a good wedding).

I’ll be honest, I don’t photograph many weddings. Mostly because the huge workload was pretty intense with a full-time job. [3+ hours preparing & meeting with the couple. 8+ hours on the day. Then lots of hours spent editing afterwards].

Don’t get me wrong though. I love a good wedding.

I love the fact that it’s the one time you can invite everyone you love and expect them to try their hardest to be there for you and share that day.

I love the dresses, the man-fashion, the flowers.

I love the crafty details that people spent hours creating (always finished at the last minute, no matter how much time you have when you begin!).

I love the look on the groom’s face when he first sees his gorgeous bride walking down the aisle/through the trees/along the beach towards him.

I love the personal touches in the ceremony – the music chosen to represent special memories, the promises people make to each other, the rituals within the ceremony that express the love and commitment they are promising.

I love the dancing and singing and heart-warming laughter as old and new friends celebrate the love of the two people who have brought everyone together for that day.

Oh, and how I love the speeches. The ones written & agonised over weeks or months beforehand, the ones written the morning of the wedding (yes, I’m thinking of you, my darling husband) and the ones made up on the spur of the moment.

And, boy do I cry. I don’t believe there has been a wedding I’ve attended, either as a guest or as a photographer, that I haven’t shed a tear or two. I could barely talk through my tears during the ceremony at my own wedding.

I’m a sucker for romance.

So, last year I had the pleasure of capturing the special times of a very special day for a couple I’ve known for a few years. No-one who has met them could argue that they are not absolutely p-e-r-f-e-c-t for each other.

The location was Hobart. The day was predicted to be 15 degrees, and raining. There were reports of freak tornadoes in the nearby hills around mid-morning (in Hobart! What’s with that?!). I was prepared for the worst.
When I arrived at the hotel where the girls were getting ready, Clair, the bride, grinned at me through the rain and I knew immediately that to her, whether it was tornadoes or torrential rain, it just didn’t matter. Today she was marrying Mitch, the love of her life, and anything else was a sweet, sweet bonus.

Come 4pm, the rain stopped just in time for Clair to walk down to the conservatory. It rained again during the ceremony which made little difference in that stunning venue. And then, there was sunshine, just in time for the photos afterwards.
We couldn’t have planned it any better.

What a joy for me to share in this day, and to capture so many wonderful memories for Clair & Mitch to look back on and remind themselves of the love they have promised each other, and the love that was emanating from their family & friends. Ah, bliss.

Enjoy this slideshow of images from their day…and if I do photograph a wedding for you someday, I promise that my tears won’t interfere with your photos!


Parkin 003.JPGParkin 005.JPGParkin 008.JPGParkin 010.JPGParkin 015.JPGParkin 019.JPGParkin 026.JPGParkin 036.JPGParkin 055.JPGParkin 063.JPGParkin 066.JPGParkin 074.JPGParkin 082.JPGParkin 088.JPGParkin 092.JPGParkin 106.jpgParkin 109.jpgParkin 118.jpgParkin 119.jpgParkin 120.jpgParkin 190.jpgParkin 191.jpgParkin 192.jpgParkin 197.jpgParkin 213.jpgParkin 229.jpgParkin 231.jpgParkin 245.jpgParkin 247.jpgParkin 248.jpgParkin 250.jpgParkin 253.jpgParkin 336.jpgParkin 341.jpgParkin 349.jpgParkin 355.jpgParkin 362.jpgParkin 365.jpgParkin 371.jpgParkin 376.jpgParkin 383.jpgParkin 389.jpgParkin 402.jpgParkin 409.jpgParkin 440.jpgParkin 444.jpgParkin 458.jpgParkin 463.jpgParkin 464.jpgParkin 467.jpgParkin 470.jpgParkin 473.jpgParkin 479.jpgParkin 480.jpgParkin 484.jpgParkin 486.jpgParkin 496.jpgParkin 499.jpgParkin 505.jpgParkin 512.jpgParkin 514.jpgParkin 523.jpgParkin 526.jpgParkin 531.jpgParkin 535.jpgParkin 537.jpgParkin 542.jpgParkin 562.jpgParkin 560.jpgParkin 561.jpgParkin 581.jpgParkin 583.jpgParkin 592.jpgParkin 599.jpgParkin 604.jpgParkin 605.jpg

The details.

Ceremony: The conservatory at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens.

Reception: Signal Station Brasserie, Mount Nelson.

Dress: An altered family wedding dress from the 70′s. Gorgeous isn’t it?

Suit: A pre-loved, perfectly fitting bargain.

Bouquet: Lovingly hand-made by a friend, from succulents Clair & Mitch had lovingly grown.

All the other details: Hand-crafted by Mitch, Clair & friends.




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I’m back, Brisbane, and ready to photograph your family!

Wow! 2012 was a big year for me.
I’ve been off the radar for quite some time, but now I’m back and excited to share my new look!
I’ve got a gorgeous new logo, and a shiny new fresh and easy to use website & blog. Woohoo!
So, let me tell you what’s been going on with me.
This past September, my husband and I welcomed to the world the lovely Jasper Robin!
Boy, that first month was very intense. I know all my friends with kids tried to explain it to me, but its so hard to even imagine. We had such great support from friends and family, both emotionally and practically, and thankfully, he’s been a pretty awesome baby so now I’m really enjoying being a mum, and watching him grow & change.

(Here he is after a swim at about 3 months old. Aawww).

A month before he was born, I left the studio I had worked at for the past 5 and a half years, and now I’m ready to begin working solely for myself! Yippee!
I hope to be updating my blog on a more regular basis (dependent on Jaspers sleeps!). If you haven’t already, you can also like Facebook page (click on the button to the right), for news, specials and other bits & bobs.
There are so many gorgeous brisbane families I have had the pleasure of photographing in the last year or so, but haven’t shared any of their photos, so I thought I’d start the new year with an update of some recent sessions.
Scroll down for lots of photos of love. :)

So much love in this family.

Three brothers with three very different personalities.

A teeny-tiny, days-old beautiful baby.

A gorgeous couple about to learn just how huge their love can be.

A smiley, smoochy girl and her best furry friend.

Three times the love, laughter and smiles.

A boy with endless love for him on both sides of the world.

A smiley little sweetheart.

A couple so right for each other, it would be wrong for them not to be together.

A cheeky little monkey.

Another sweet little baby…

Who grew so quickly into a sweet little toddler!

And lastly, a fabulous family of four.

If you’re still reading this – thankyou! I’m so happy to be back and I’m really looking forward to meeting more gorgeous families, and capturing some really special times.
xx Shannon xx

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I spent a recent Sunday afternoon photographing two gorgeous little models for a handmade kids clothing label called Bloombub.
It was a lovely afternoon at the park, with the girls modelling a range of very cute outfits.
The only dramas we had to deal with from these models were prickle-covered tootsies.
You can check out Bloombub’s facebook page here, or their website:http://bloombub.wordpress.com/
xx Shannon xx

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