Ah! How gorgeous is this family?!

Love these guys. I’ve known them for ten years, give or take, and have watched two of the kids grow up into just-about-adults, and the arrival of the littlest, who has certainly inherited his parent’s love of high-energy adventures!

It was a great time to do this session – one of these ‘kids’ has just graduated from high school, so it’s a really nice idea to get the family together for a session before they start leaving the nest and head out into the world.

The location was a place I hadn’t taken photos at before, and it was a nice discovery with a bit of an industrial feel, and it’s always a fun challenge to work in a new location!

Shannon xx

Huntington BW 010.jpgHuntington 019.jpgHuntington 110.jpgHuntington 032.jpgHuntington 041.jpgHuntington 046.jpgHuntington 054.jpgHuntington 073.jpgHuntington 100.jpgHuntington BW 077.jpgHuntington BW 083.jpgHuntington 058.jpgHuntington 066.jpgHuntington 124.jpg

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