Keep missing interesting blog posts? Then read on…

Now, I’m not super tech-savvy. I know my way around a PC (and can turn on a Mac, just). I know a few different programs and how to google things as well.
And, until quite recently, I didn’t know about RSS feeds.
Do you?
If so, you’re probably already using a feed reader and have subscribed to a bunch of blogs (hopefully this is one of them!)
If not, then let me briefly explain so that you can discover a super easy way of keeping up to date with blogs, news sites, facebook pages and probably a bunch of other things I’m yet to discover.

So, I use Google Reader to follow my blogs, but there are loads of programs you can download for free. Just google ‘rss readers’ (or click here for some suggestions).
Think of it as a kind of e-mail program. Once you ‘subscribe’ to a feed (ie, choose to follow a blog or new site etc), as soon as a new blog post appears on that site, or the site is updated, it is sent straight to your reader. It appears kind of like an e-mail, and you can scroll through to see what you want to read now, mark things to keep for later reading, share & e-mail.
Using a reader means you don’t need to keep checking back to a blog you are interested in to see if it has recently been updated, and you won’t miss out on any interesting or relevant posts if you forget to check those blogs on a regular basis. So, it’s a great time-saver and an easy way to keep informed.
If you start following lots of different blogs, you can create folders that hold similar themes – I have a few such as ‘photography’, ‘food’, ‘housey stuff’ & ‘fun’. You can choose to look at just what’s in those folders, or scroll through everything at once, depending on what you feel like reading.

To ‘subscribe’ to a blog is super simple. Some blogs have a little orange button (it looks like a radar) which you can click and it lets you subscribe to your reader (check out my blog and look for the little orange button!). Or, if there isn’t one (or if the button doesn’t work) then you can simply copy the link of the blog straight into the subscription section of your reader and then it’ll automatically come up in your feed. Easy peasy.

So, if you want to make your internet browsing time more efficient & you’re tired of trying to remember to check the blogs you like, you should definitely give this a go.
Soon, I’ll share some of my favourite blogs you can add to your feed!

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